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Organic Raw Black Maca Capsules - Vegan - 750 mg - 200 ct

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Our Raw Black Maca capsules contain 100% pure Peruvian grown Black Maca Powder. This effective and potent powder is processed from Black colored Maca roots that are carefully and consciously planted, grown and cared for by the wonderful farmers in Peru. These dedicated individuals work together in a cooperative to continue farming Maca in the most traditional and healthy ways possible. They use and manage their own lands organically and sustainably in accordance with the traditional methods handed down by generations of Maca farmers. We are incredibly grateful and proud to support their work. All of this attention and care ensures that when you purchase your Maca from The Maca Team, you get a potent product that is effective.“Black

We also want you to know that our Raw Black Maca capsules are the purest available in any marketplace. Unlike the majority of other products, including Black Maca tablets and Black Maca root pills, ours contain only 100% Black Maca powder grown in a remote pristine, region of the high Andes in Peru. We can make this claim because we directly oversee the production of all of our capsule products and ensure that they contain absolutely no fillers or flow agents. These are used by large manufacturers to speed the process of putting the powders into capsules, but we are able to avoid them. It costs us more but it’s worth it to us, because we want to get you the best quality, cleanest and most powerful products available.

You might enjoy reading the reviews on this page to get a sense of how our customers have responded to our products over the years.

Black Maca comes from light to dark gray roots, which make us less than 20% of the annual harvest and are now prized for some of their special properties. Before the early 2000s, all Maca colors were traditionally mixed together after harvest and consumed in this mix in whatever proportion that came out of the ground. But since that time research and experience has revealed that Black Maca stands out in several ways. It:

  1. Has increased antioxidant levels
  2. Supports a healthy metabolism disorders by helping regulate glucose
  3. Increases sperm production and motility better than other Maca colors
  4. Works slightly better for bone strength and density
  5. Supports memory and concentration
  6. Generates the most positive effect on wound healing
  7. Improves dysfunction in the bedroom
  8. We have written an extensive article on this topic complete with the citations of each study listed above. If you are interested you can read more about it here.

As for the potential benefits of Black Maca capsules, there are several that our customers, both men and women, regularly share when adding them to their diet.

  • Helping male infertility (We recommend Red Maca for female fertility)
  • Boosting libido
  • Increasing bone density
  • Building athletic endurance
  • Increasing muscle size – Maca is anabolic
  • Supporting the loss of fat and weight
  • Helping increase focus and memory
  • Support for balancing hormones

Maca is also an adaptogen, which means it enhances overall feelings of well being and life force energy. We find that Black Maca does a particularly good job of this. While we consistently see many Maca benefits, we also must share that the way to have most success with taking it is to remember that Maca is a food and not a supplement or herb. You have to be patient when taking it – most people new to the product notice the first effects of Maca after taking it every day for 3-4 weeks. For some people it’s a bit faster and for others a bit longer. One jar of our capsules will give you 50 days and that is enough time to start to get some benefits. It’s also important to note that results vary and that Maca is not meant as a substitute for good medical advice or treatment

Taking Maca in capsule form offers several benefits as compared to taking it in powder form.

  • Number one: It’s easier to get an exact amount of Maca using the capsules since they are pre-measured
  • Number Two: You can avoid the taste of Maca powder by taking it in capsule form
  • Number Three: Maca capsules offer more convenience. They are easy to take with you on a trip

It is worth noting that the encapsulation process adds costs to the final product and that Maca powders are less expensive than the capsules. If you’d prefer to try the powder we offer Raw Black Maca powder in 3 sizes.

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